Robust and Strapping , Our Scotch Ale takes BIG Beers
to a whole new level. Rich malt balances perfectly with delicate hops to provide a concentrated and intense flavor; an ideal companion for hearty foods, or as a meal unto itsself. Allow this ale to warm slightly in your glass to enhance its truly bold character .Sharing is encouraged, as this is one beer that lives up to its name! Hey! No peeking! Slainté!
Alcohol 8.0% by Volume.

In Celebration of the Hop...

This is a "Hop" tribute, worthy of a King's Imperial Court! Enjoy the blast of fresh Tomahawk, Cascade and Centennial Hops as they stimulate the taste buds in a truly imperial fashion. Pucker Up!

Alcohol 9.2% by Volume.

Our version of the classic Pale Ale style is named in
tribute to County Tipperary, our Founder’s Father’s
Homeland. Sweetly sharp and smoothly bitter, this beer
straddles the line between what you want and what you need. It’s not a long way to Tipperary anymore!
Alcohol 5.0% by Volume.


Pale gold in color, sweet and fruity, with a slight dryness and crisp hoppiness in the finish. This California Golden Ale is the perfect "session" beer- an excellent ale that complements all occcasions.
Alcohol 5.0% by Volume.


Exciting and provacative, India Pale Ale provides a stimulating assault on all senses.Our version of the IPA style possesses a deep golden hue that nearly winks at you from the glass. Extremely full-bodied, its rich flavor wraps your tongue in a lush blanket of sweet malt with a spicy hop finish. Two hop varieties in the Dry Hopping provide an enticing floral bouquet, with notes of resin and herbs,creating a delightfully quaffable and refreshing ale we’re sure you’ll love!
Alcohol 6.5% by Volume.

A rich ale recipe from the Homeland, Paddy’s Irish Red Ale is malty sweetness in liquid form. A low hop profile dances above the massive barley character, creating an invigorating aroma and carmel character that will compliment most foods. Hearty and luscious, this brew is what keeps those Irish Eyes A’ Smilin’!
Alcohol 6.5% by Volume.

“If One is Good, Then Two is Better!” Our Moylander Double IPA is fat and resiny, with aggresive and excessive hops swinging on on an enormous malt backbone like naughty monkeys on a vine. Double malt, double hops - do the math, it’s academic. This brew has twice the things you’re looking for, and it’s big enough to share with the one you love. And isn’t that what it's all about?
Alcohol 8.5% by Volume.

Our Barleywine Style Ale is a rich and heavy ale brewed to a high gravity. Massive body, mouthfeel and hoppiness. Barleywines are the "brandy" of the ale world. A great sipping ale, and a perfect finish to any meal.
Alcohol 10.0% by Volume.

Originally brewed to withstand the long voyage from London to Czarist Russia, Imperial Stouts are rich, thick and intense. Named in honor of our St. Patrick’s Day Piper, Ryan O’Sullivan’s Imperial Stout brings chocolate truffles, espresso coffe, burnt currants and the sweetness of sherry to mind. This is the classic “Cigar Stout”.
Alcohol 10.0% by Volume.

The classic West Coast Wheat Ale - soft, refreshing, light, delicate. Enhanced with a boysenberry flavor. A great thirst quencher!
Alcohol 4.5% by Volume.